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Anyways, how's your sex life is not your ordinary true crime/ supernatural podcast. Join us every Tuesday to get slutty with spirits, turned on by horror, and most importantly, SPOOKED! 

The Hosts



 Cory’s first memory of horror and things supernatural was one Halloween night when he stayed up to watch Poltergeist at age 7 because his mom loves horror she thought it was fine. After his dad walked in and sent him to bed he got up later that night (after his parents were asleep) went to the same channel and then watched Wes Craven’s: A New Nightmare. It only took about 15min before he turned off the television and ran back to bed. Since that day and even before Cory has always had a deep and natural interest in the supernatural, occult and marcarbe things of this world. Whenever he could, he'd sneak in a rated R horror movie when his Mormon parents weren’t looking and relished every minute of it. Currently, Cory spends his time reading, writing, watching and playing all things horror while avoiding the actual practices at all costs - cause fuck demons! Besides horror and film he likes reading, board games, ice-cream, artisinal mustards, drinking and queer history. Cory also DMs a Dungeons & Dragons group and plays kickball/volleyball with Stonewall, the local, gay sports group in Salt Lake City! 



 Chana has been in love with all things spooky since she was born. She grew up watching Scooby Doo and ID channel, so she was destined to be a spooky slut. When she was 15 years old, she accidentally started an ongoing war between her and her demon best friend, NOOB. 9 years later she is still talking about NOOB and all things spooky, but this time on a podcast. When she isn’t fighting evil by moonlight, she is cuddling her cats and/or her partner, Jordan. She loves to cook violently vegan food, watch shows that make her cry, and have private ABBA dance parties. Chana is a boss ass bitch who runs her own start-up company (she won’t tell you what it is though) and spends her days intimidating straight men. Get to know her every Monday on AHYSL (that’s our podcast… duh!)  



AHYSL wouldn't be complete without Simone, S'mores (newest addition), and ghost Toulouse.